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Intelligent design is not a catchy slogan but our way of life. We continuously look at new and creative ways to refine our processes in order to improve our overall product and service to our customers.

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Project Management

By utilizing our expertise in operations, cost management, budgetary control, programming and procurement, a realistic fully integrated approach is applied to every stage of a project. This allows our clients to allocate their resources in a logical and cost-effective manner. Acting on behalf of our customer's best interests, ICS, Inc. performs all facets of a project. When ICS, Inc. becomes the "single point of  contact" between contractors, consultants, vendors and manufacturers on intense projects, the burden and stress is alleviated from your company.

ICS, Inc. sets the path for companies large and small to meet their goals faster, more efficiently and with higher-quality results - whether embarking on a major capital project or developing a new product or critical initiative. We can help you tighten timelines and reduce risk through focused planning and disciplined execution. We don't develop a plan and walk away. We work with you shoulder to shoulder, integrating seamlessly into your organization while helping you stay on top of your project every step of the way

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