Where's your lifeline?
Hurricanes, floods and earthquakes can easily destroy primary fiber routes or knock out power to your critical systems. Do you know the situation? Who would respond to this emergency and are they qualified? How long before your systems are operational? At ICS, Inc. we are able to address all these questions with our Incident Management services.
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Incident Management

Field Management Support
What separates an emergency from a disaster is response time and competent management. Having a response team dedicated only for these situations is extremely difficult to manage, mobilize and taxing on corporate revenue. ICS, Inc. eliminates these issues by providing a Field Management Task Force which can mobilize immediately and provide comprehensive field management. This is where our design build experience shines! We have the immediate ability to bring in professionals and technical support required for any situation. For more information on our Field Management Task Force please contact us.

Risk and Incident Assessments
We provide customized support and consulting to corporations that are developing a new contingency plan, updating outdated incident management procedures or in need of an initial incident assessment. To maximize your value start planning with us today.

Disaster Recovery Support
After the situation has been stabilized and controlled, recovery efforts must immediately be put in place for sustainable network and facility operations. We provide the most efficient and direct recovery process guaranteeing to protect your business and get you back online. Additional services:
  • Personnel Resource Support
  • Field Communications
  • Security Services

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