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Why would six of the largest telecom companies flush one of the largest construction management companies in the world for a smaller company to design and build one of their most important  telecom facilities...

No Red Tape, Creative Thinking...
ICS - We Live Outside the Box

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Design Build

As an Engineer Furnish and Install (EF&I) contractor our Design Build service guarantees that every angle of your project has been captured and planned out. This eliminates the dilemma that comes when a generic solution is forced upon a complex or unique situation. By technically understanding the design process we are able to provide fast track solutions that proactively address potential issues instead of dealing with them as they arise.

Engineer Furnish & Install (EF&I)

With our team of expert engineers, architects, and managers we ensure that the right solution is matched with your projects detailed specifications. By reducing complications and potential issues we offer significant savings and increased production by getting it right the first time. Our commitment to our clients, we hold full responsibility for the outcome of the project and any necessary troubleshooting. The buck stops with us.

Design Build Benefit

With Design Build services ICS, Inc. can provide clients with accurate estimates of cost for labor and material and realistic schedules for installation. This seamless approach brings numerous benefits to each project by:

    • Fast track project schedule
    • Earlier return on investment
    • Optimum cost and fewer change orders

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