Data Has No Center
The data that drives our world is evolving. Innovations in virtualization, cloud computing, automation and sustainable IT aren't just transforming your data center - they're opening up a new universe of possibilities for your business.

  -InformationWeek, April, 25, 2011

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Think For Tomorrow

As technology continues to progress and change at an exponential pace, a new understanding is imperative when it comes to the design and effectiveness of the modern data center. State-of-the-art equipment is outdated within six months therefore rack density, power requirements and cooling loads must be able to quickly adapt to this volatile IT landscape. Our client's facilities and infrastructure must meet this same demand. Therefore ICS, Inc. thinks outside the box to provide our clients with a range of innovative and adaptive solutions to their facility and infrastructure needs. Such as...

  • New-build construction
  • Campus development
  • Site upgrades
  • Modular & Mobile Infrastructure
  • Maintenance services
  • Data Center Relocation

Through our assembled team of industry professionals, we provide complete coverage for every type of complex redundant infrastructure. We're more than a builder and have worked hard to understand our client's business. Your work is guaranteed with Integrated Contractor Services, Inc. Specialties include...

  • Critical Facility Services
    • Power Distribution
    • High Density Cooling
    • Redundancies (N+4)
  • Economization
  • IT & Network Site Services
    • Cabinet installation
    • Fiber/Copper cabling
  • Server Floor Cleaning
  • Network Infrastructure Development
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Fire Protection & Suppression
    • FM-200, Pre-action, etc.
  • Monitoring & Controls
  • Controls & Automation